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New Orleans has been a place that sparks
"My Enthusiasm" to create images, for a long time…

It has been a gift to be able to do so...

Vicki Stanwycks Fine Art Gallery


I fly through the city, camera in hand. The view from above is captivating and quiet. The propellers sound gets lost in the making of pictures. The trust given the machine that takes me, is like the trust a bird has of its' wings. 

Me, My Camera, and images all around me become like tunnel vision to create that from which what I see, compelling, and real.  I can't stop the camera, there's no place to land. I must shoot what I see for it might not be again. The image is that moment, mine forever made by me. My moments are mine, for keeps, always, my camera and me. 

-Vicki Stanwycks

New Orleans Photo Arts

We Create Photography, Paint Paintings, Teach Workshops & Classes and Travel. We have to travel to Create Art!



Our Gallery of Artful Images can be seen here and is available for purchase. There are various mediums and sizes available. Please check it out!

Stanwycks Photography, The Natchez Steamboat at Dusk


This is our Merchandise offerings for cups, tote bags, coasters and gift type items. We also make gifts and books of our art... 

Commissioned Works


Vicki's Studio can create customer art pieces just for you from your photos or Images that we create. We can take something that you like and turn it into something fabulous!

We Love Aerial Photography!

Superdome CBD City Scape

New Orleans Photo Arts Captures the Essence of New Orleans in our Images


Artful Photography tells a story, a place or a feeling. a Photograph can truly be worth a thousand words, if not more. Some Photographs bring remind us of a time of meanings...


Some of Vicki's Images have been transformed into Fine Art Paintings through various techniques that have been transformed into paintings. You can get Canvas, Acrylics, Framed pieces, and more...


Do you need to understand your camera and photography from the very beginning or looking to get better at what you do? We can help. We offer workshops and classes to help you with your skills...


From your own photography or ours we can create images that are all about you in an original painting or photograph. We can custom design pieces just for you!

Click a box above and see more details...


New Orelans Photo Arts

Photography Adventures and Workshops

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New Orleans Photo Arts Teaches Photography

Photography Classes, Workshops and Coaching

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Photography Classes

Photograp[hy Classes

Photography Classes are given individually. We teach Beginners Classes, Intermediate and help those brush up on their skills. Many have benefitted working with Vicki.

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Photography Workshops


Stanwycks Offers Workshops in the Studio and on-Location. We work on what you need to concentrate on from our 9 Workshops offered. All Individual and small groups.

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Photography Coaching


Photography Coaching is for those who want to get classes and also work in the field, shooting on-location with your instructor side as you shoot - helping you with your image skills.

Learn Photography

Photography Courses

Beginning & Intermediate Classes

Photo Skill Building

Photo Workshops

Photography Workshops

Photo Coaching

Photo Coaching

Classes and Shooting On-Location 

Learning Photography with Vicki Stanwycks

Photography Workshops, Classes and Coaching

Photography Workshops & Classes

Stanwycks Photography offers Photography Workshops & Classes. Our classes cover basic photography and more advanced levels, coaching, shooting and post production. Our Workshops take people on New Orleans and Louisiana adventures, from the beautiful Bayou, the colorful French Quarter and the History filled Grave Yards throughout New Orleans... We even offer a Photography bootcamp that really want to up their photographic game!
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New Orleans Photo Arts Photography Workshops

Dancers on Location

Workshops & Photography Adventures

New Orleans Photography Courses

In Studio and On - Location

New Orleans, French Quarter and Cajun Adventures

  • Beginners & Intermediate Photography
  • Bayou Photo Workshops and Adventures
  • New Orleans - Art in Photography and Style
  • Recreating the Artist within for 2019 & Getting Your Creativity Unblocked / Life Coaching Sessions
  • New Orleans, and French Quarter, in all it's Splendor, Colorful Great Images as seen by you...
  • Black and White Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Night Photography
  • Light, Exposure, Composition and Creating Art

Photography Workshops

Learning how to use your camera and doing it at our New Orleans Photography Workshops can prove fun, interesting and offers quite the New Orleans Experience, for sure. We offer different kinds of workshops, and you can check it out on the Studio's workshop pages. Whether you're in the swamps or on a weekend shoot, you will create Colorful, Unique Photographs, images that will spark your enthusiasm. And if that isn't enough, Vicki Stanwycks your Photography Coach will be over your shoulder, inspiring you every step of the way!

Photography Classes and Coaching

The Stanwycks Photography Studio offers Photography workshops, classes and coaching for the beginner to seasoned shooters wanting to get more from their Photography Experience. We offer several classes, just tell us what you want to do and we will come up with a plan.

Most Classes and workshops are designed to be one on one and private, you and your Instructor and Coach, Vicki Stanwycks. All the attention is focused on you. Any questions or information that needs more attention is at your pace and not at the pace of a class with many participants. We also offer small group classes at a discount.

Book Your Class or Workshop Now!

Mardi Gras Photography 

Vicki Stanwycks Has Been Shooting Mardi Gras for More than 25 Years...

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

What an Event!

Everything in Life is timing... Getting the right shot is timing and that timing comes from skill, experience and knowing the right time to shoot the shot... Better known as the art of timing.

Put that together with passion a great camera and what do you have? Artful Photography that tells stories... 

Mardi Gras Photography in New Orleans

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Mardi Gras Photography Workshops

Mardi Gras is a Big Part Of New Orleans Culture

Stanwycks Photography/New Orleans Photo - Loves Mardi Gras and has been shooting Mardi Gras for over 20 years.... The Stanwycks Photography Studio lies on the Parade Route, a great area to get stunning Mardi Gras Photos. Most of the Mardi Gras Parades start right in front of our studio. We offer a great place to see and photograph all the action, right from our studio and take you to all the great spots to shoot Compelling Mardi Gras Images. Call today, we are booking fast!

Studio Services

Check out New Orleans Photo's different services. When we say we shoot "People, Places and Things..." We really mean it!

We offer a wide variety of experience.  When we are shooting your assignment we don't just bring cameras and lighting gear, we will know just what to do, to create the images you need!

Get In Touch

Please Contact Us if you have questions about Images, Classes, or how we can help you.


If you have some ideas you're thinking about for your next artful endeavor, we can discuss them to figure out what will be best for you!  -Thank you!

About Us

Colorful Images, Black and White, Paintings, Digital Transfers, all made by New Orleans Photo Arts, Vicki Stanwycks. We love creating Images in several mediums...

Please check out our "About Us" page so you can know more about who you are working with. We work all over New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Zulu Duke
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Camera Cropped

Image Design & Decorating

Great Images & Paintings

Our studio started as a commercial photography studio that specialized in photography for creating a brand. Now we have made a collection of images for Fine Art that exemplifies New Orleans through Photography and Paintings.

Grabbing The Attention of an Audience...

How our Audience sees our work is great for the longevity of Image Making and Art; Photography, Digital Painting, Digital Transference, and artful treatments. Learning how to create Images, through digital imaging - Cameras, Computers, Software, and intuitive professional skills combined creates todays Imaging Arts.

Super Support

At Stanwycks Studios we strive to deliver great Images,  and Outstanding Customer Service. Every customer is important

Many of our clients have been with us for years and we are their Go -To photographers, Image Makers and Consultants for projects, teaching and decorating. Many of our Images are on the walls of Lobbies, Board Rooms, and Personal Art Collections.

New Orleans & MS. Gulf Coast

Stanwycks Photography's main location is in the heart of New Orleans. We Shoot all over Louisiana and are also on the Gulf Coast, Gulfport and Bay St. Louis.

Doesn't matter where we are, Stanwycks is out and about trying to create all the time, or teaching Classes or Workshops.


Photography Excellence

Our Photography services are excellent and come with 25+ years of experience. We offer  cutting edge technology to insure you are getting the best in imaging, technologies, and skill. It takes a lot of skill to be creative.

Please call us today

And FYI, it takes great skill and many hours of Processing to create a Great Slice of Fine Art.  Our visual sophistication grows every day, making us more creative for our art endeavors.

Contact Us for your next Photography Project!

Stanwycks Photography offers Imaging services in the studio or on-location. Our pricing is competitive and experience speaks volumes. We offer the latest in technology and deliver the best imaging Products ever.  Please call so we can have the opportunity to discuss what you are thinking and will help you turn your thoughts and ideas into reality!

Client Love

Stanwycks Photography creates Images for Executives

David Briggs

"Wow! Had no idea what goes into a photo shoot. We had to shoot our company, including the people that run it (Me and my family) and our employees. We had to shoot what we manufacture and make it look good. We left it to Vicki and she put it all together for us, from the shoot days to giving us final images for our graphic designers. All we had to do was show up and smile... Thank you Vicki!"


Jennifer Otello

"We had been planning a Luncheon event for several months, a corporate meeting with several award recipients and speakers. One of our staff was going to shoot it and they got sick. Stanwycks Photography stepped in and got exactly what we needed and more. We used the photos for our website and our upcoming newsletter. We will hire them again. They saved the day!"

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